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Culture at Chartwell

At Chartwell, we believe retirement can be the best time of life. Our mission is helping our residents continue to lead lives of purpose and fulfillment as valued members of their community. We are committed to Making People's Lives BETTER; it’s something we live each and every day in our residences. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Vlad Volodarski, Chief Executive Officer

Culture essentially describes the shared thinking, behaviours and practices of an organization. What this means in practice at Chartwell is that every individual, no matter their role, geographic location or the department they work in, understands what is expected of them, how they can achieve the results set for them individually and why what they do matters.

What: Service Expectations

Quite simply, serving our customers is the only reason our organization exists. We believe that it is critical that residents don’t just live in a Chartwell residence, but that they “feel at home.” There are critical factors to feeling at home, including believing that staff are competent, trained and committed to creating an environment where residents feel engaged within their residence community and connected to their peers.

Our staff play a fundamental role, each and every day, in living up to those high expectations and in many cases, in going above and beyond in their service delivery whether directly to residents or to colleagues that work in our residences.

How: Accountability for Results

In order to succeed in their roles, we believe that employees must understand what is expected of them. That involves clarity on job responsibilities, open communication and frequent feedback. Employees at Chartwell share a common belief system that is built on their experiences and defines their actions. Given the setting of working so closely and in such frequent contact with our customers and the direct impact that has, we expect employees to be personally accountable for the results set for their roles.

Why: Making People’s Lives Better

Whether they work in one of our retirement or long term care residences or in one of our corporate offices, our Vision of Making People’s Lives Better is what motivates our employees. Ultimately, it is our job to help our residents live a good day, every day. Being a people business, we know when we’ve accomplished that. From creating a resident’s favourite meal or coordinating an event that reflects their interests to taking the time to share a story about the day with a resident’s loved one to assisting a colleague in need of support, there are opportunities in every interaction to make a difference at Chartwell.

If you are ready to make a difference and are driven to deliver on the expectations of your role, Chartwell might be the right place for you.